Why Your Hay Fever Symptoms Might Be Worse This Year

7 August 2017
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You may suffer from hay fever every year, but you may also notice that there is something going on this year. Your hay fever might be much worse than ever before. This could be the result of a higher level of pollen in the air than usual. But this is also sometimes the result of a mistake you are making that is causing your hay fever to be worse than usual.

Not Washing Your Hair Before Bed

If you are working really hard outside, you may simply want to crash in bed without washing your hair. This could be why you are suffering from hay fever worse than usual. The pollen will accumulate in your hair and will cause you to suffer from hay fever all night long.

Not Reducing Stress

The hard day working outside can also contribute to hay fever by increasing your stress level. Drinking coffee and smoking also have the ability to increase your stress level, which can exacerbate the symptoms of hay fever. By cutting down on these activities and by using stress relief techniques, you can reduce the severity of your hay fever symptoms. Try to make changes to your work deadlines and consider taking a smaller work load during allergy season. Your allergies will likely sap some of your energy anyway.

Not Rolling Windows Down

You might try to roll the windows down in order to cool off, but this can cause your car to become filled with pollen. It is better to keep your windows rolled up, crank up the A/C and use the recirculation feature. This will not only protect you from smog but will help reduce your hay fever symptoms.

Waiting Before Taking Anti-Histamines

You may be simply waiting until your allergy symptoms arrive before taking antihistamines. However, if you want to avoid most of your allergy symptoms entirely, it is better to start taking your antihistamine medication a few weeks before allergy season starts. This will allow for the antihistamines to build up in the blood supply.

Consuming More Alcohol

If you have been consuming more alcohol recently, this might be another cause of your allergy symptoms. Alcohol contains a lot of histamines. Having one glass a day should be fine, but any more and you will be worsening your allergy symptoms. But if you still aren't sure about why your hay fever allergies are worse, schedule an appointment with an ENT specialist like Alpine Ear, Nose & Throat, PC.